Yan Peng

She devoted as pro bono expert since 2005 where she co-founded the Center for Civil Society Studies of Peking University, China (CCSS-PKU), board member of Beijing Huizeren Volunteering Development Center, China for nearly 10 years, Chair of China Pro Bono Link for 2 years. Then she was the Founding President of PBF (July 2016- August2017) when she led the design, engagement, establishment, and initial phase of operation of PBF. Now she continues serve PBF as board member and focus on research and teach on pro bono models and case studies. She was also a founding member of GPBN Advisory Council (2015-2017), member of GPBN Global Council (2017-2018) and the elected member of GPBN Global Council since Feb 2018. In her own profession, she sits on the Expert Group of China Green Freight Initiative (CGFI), and Chair of China Expert Council of Smart Freight Center (CEC-SFC), the first East Asia Regional Director of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group(2013-2015) and member of C40 Executive Team (Feb2013-Feb2014).

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