Teresa Coles

Teresa Coles is a career brand strategist who leads branding and consumer engagement initiatives for corporations, public health organizations, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. As president of Riggs Partners marketing consultancy, she specializes in helping clients harness the powerful trifecta of organizational health, business strategy and brand marketing in a way that engenders purpose-driven leadership and successful organizational outcomes.
Teresa’s commitment to helping companies embrace pro bono service as a both a cultural catalyst and force for social good is best reflected in her role as co-founder of CreateAthon®, a nonprofit organization that hosts 24-hour, pro bono marketing marathons. Under her leadership, CreateAthon has grown from a single market event into a movement that has delivered more than $24 million in pro bono marketing service to nonprofit organizations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom.
She has coached CSR professionals on the practice of pro bono marathons at corporations such as Discovery Channel, Altria and BMW Foundation, as well as intermediary organizations in Europe. She has served as a member of the Pro Bono Collaborative within Billion+ Change and currently serves on the Corporate Institute Leadership Faculty within the Points of Light Foundation.

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