Rocío Dañino

Rocío is an expert in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with more than 10 years of professional multi-sectorial experience in the field. She is a passionate sustainability professional with strong skills and a large experience related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate social impact. She has successfully worked in the nonprofit sector as well as in the public and private sector (multinationals), leading development projects and promoting partnerships for development and social innovation to achieve a larger impact.

She is currently Global Head of Sustainability and Human Development at INCLAM Group, an international engineering group expert in water and climate change. Prior, she worked in Hazloposible Foundation, where she created the Corporate Social Innovation department and started implementing new volunteering programs for companies, including probono models, with the personal mission of generating more value for the volunteers, the companies, and society.

She believes that companies play a crucial role in improving the world and that CSR can have a large impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) when part of the strategy, and deeply embedded in the culture.

She has been a volunteer for many years and has seen the deep transformational power of volunteering, especially skilled-based. She is a “probono believer” and is highly committed to promoting the movement.

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