Dear Summit Participant,

Welcome to the second European Pro Bono Summit in Budapest. I’m delighted to see you in our beautiful city. In the name of the entire Volunteering Hungary crew I wish you a great time!

Two years ago on the 16th of October, 8 pro bono enthusiasts met in Budapest for a European meeting of the Global Pro Bono Network. That is where the idea of the European Summit came alive. After the first European Summit in Paris in 2016 October, here we are again in Budapest for the second European Pro Bono Summit. We have 100 people from over 20 countries. Representatives of corporations, intermediaries, NGOs and the academic world meet to exchange and share knowledge about pro bono trends and best practices. It is great to see the growing interest for pro bono all over the Globe and in European more particular.

I strongly believe pro bono is the sweet point of social development as it provides NGOs with essential skills that they very often miss, in the same time all corporate employee benefit greatly as they support important social causes with unique skills. Pro Bono program is one of the best talent development and employer branding tool which helps companies to stand out. Last but not least it can create revenue for social change making organisations: the pro bono intermediaries that results to a sustainable business operation model. Pro bono is where the business skills and the NGO mind-set best connects and results to high social impact which is a big win for all parties involved. That is why we have to keep it growing and help new partners come to this field.

Pro Bono is still relatively new in most countries thus we all have a role to play to make it thrive and help new companies, NGOs, Universities benefit. It should spread in countries where this segment of CSR is not well developed yet. I hope this European Summit will play an important role in this. Certainly this event is a very important milestone in the development of pro bono in Hungary.

I’d like to thank everyone who made this Summit possible. We owe a big thank you to partners, sponsors, speakers, presenters, co-workers and volunteers who all contribute to the success of this event.

András F. Tóth, Executive Director, Volunteering Hungary

Experts, supporters and shapers of the Pro Bono movement will be gathering in Budapest in October 2017 to attend the 2nd European Pro Bono Summit. After several successful Global Pro Bono Summit and the first European Pro Bono Summit in Paris in October 2016 the event is aiming at providing useful content for both newcomers and experienced Pro Bono practitioners by examining the role of Pro Bono in corporate leadership development programmes, presenting a European marketplace for corporates and intermediary organisations or creating local or multinational pro bono programmes.

We are building on the experiences of the previous Pro Bono Summits planning to provide new learning opportunities and a specific European flavour for all participants. We hope in addition to those with previous experience in the pro bono field that new organisations will join us and that new techniques will be presented that will serve useful for anyone.

The two-day event is organised by Volunteering Hungary (ÖKA) in partnership with GE Hungary, KPMG Hungary and the active participation of the Global Pro Bono Network members.


The event is supported by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Pro Bono Lab, Taproot Foundation and several dedicated corporations.

The Summit is bringing together stakeholders from both the corporate and the NGO world in Europe and beyond.

Presentations, panel debates and breakout sessions will help participants to deep dive into the different techniques of corporate pro bono services. Next to this we will actively help participants to make connections and network through a marketplace during the program. We expect equal number of corporate and pro bono intermediaries as participants thus the European Summit will be a unique place for corporate – NGO partnership building and co-creation. We aim to connect European level CR, HR, PR leaders and managers of corporations with intermediary organisations (from all regions of Europe) that are creating first class pro bono programs in the different countries of Europe.

Join us in developing and celebrating the European Pro Bono movement! Connect with like minded professionals and experts, learn about innovative techniques and best practices, and engage with our keynote speakers and European change makers.

Learn to grow your pro bono program locally and internationally.